n'gambo: tuitakayo!

heritage based urban regeneration of zanzibar's new city centre

Ng’ambo Tuitakayo (Swahili for ‘The Ng’ambo we want’).

A series of steps that together aim to achieve an inclusive and sustainable, heritage-based urban regeneration for Ng’ambo, Zanzibar's new city centre.


The first explorations were condensed in a pilot project in a small area of Ng’ambo, together with UNESCO in 2014. The HUL methodology - a holistic and integrated approach for heritage based urban regeneration – was tested through workshops with the community and led to a basis for upscaling the approach for the whole Ng’ambo project area.


In 2015, with support from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, a project was set up between the Government of Zanzibar and the Municipality of Amsterdam that aimed to develop a Local Area Plan and Structure Plan for Ng’ambo on the basis of the HUL approach.


Ng'ambo Tuitakayo involved resident communities and all relevant stakeholders in the area just outside of Stone Town in the development of the Local Area Plan for the area that in the recently developed Master Plan for Zanzibar is earmarked as future city centre of Zanzibar.


The first months were used for an intensive mapping exercise that formed a first basis for the plan. After the symposium ‘Finding Stories’, that was organised in connection with a workshop in Amsterdam in January 2016 and brought together experts on implementation of community consultation, the intangible mapping exercise was rolled out.

The Government of Zanzibar has adopted the UNESCO Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) approach for heritage based urban regeneration and Ng’ambo is forming a pilot project for the implementation of this. In the coming years, projects like the pilot housing project will be realised and create feedback to policies that are developed for up scaling in other historic urban areas.


AforA Architects,


DoURP Government of Zanzibar 

zanzibar 2014 - 2017