co-lab for public spaces

an initiative that promotes participatory design practices

The 'co-lab for public spaces' is a local initiative  with main objective the promotion of participatory culture in the society of Heraklion city in crete, Greece.

A diverse and multidisciplinary group of people, that initially got together by the need to express a creative counter-proposal on the 'Georgiades Park' developing plans of the municipality of Heraklion. A team that promotes the dialogue within communities and takes action on issues related to the public space.

The intention of the co-lab is to build on the interest, initiative and sensitivity of people who use public spaces every day. It is belived that the prospect of coexistence and self-organization in the public domain is not utopia for the city of Heraklion. The case of Georgiades Park and the unprecedented mobilization to protect it, is an opportunity for wider participation by the local community in matters pertaining to our everyday life and, above all, to the sustainability of our city.

The main goal of  'co-lab' is to try to disengage the local community from the logic of assigning all responsibilities to the local government, and actively participate in defining the terms and quality of its free time and free space within the city.

Openscape is a member of 'co-lab' team

heraklion crete 2018