In Openscape we believe,

that architecture can be more than great designs and beautiful spaces. 

We believe that architecture can be a great tool for activism, education and social change. 


We want our architecture not only to be about buildings but mostly about people, their culture and their everyday life. Architecture is powerful and we choose that power to emerge from the people.


We believe that eventually architecture is about making a statement. Built space reflects who we are but architecture should reflect who we want to be. 


In Openspace we work with,

respect of heritage, culture and history, recognition of context locality, environmental responsibility and participatory methods.


In Openscape we work for,

social equity, environmental sustainability, knowledge sharing and promotion of our methodologies.

OPENSCAPE was founded by Alexandra Papadaki in the end of 2016 with the financial support of the "Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation" 2014-2020 (EPAnEK) in Greece. It is located in the centre of Heraklion city in the island of Crete.


OPENSCAPE has since then, collaborated with various partners and organisations, such as, FBW architekten (NL), AAmatters (NL), IRIX architects (NL), Dayandas & associates (GR), Nikiforiades-Skaraki architects (GR), Co-lab for Public Spaces (GR), with projects mainly between the Netherlands, Tanzania and Greece. 


.short bio

Alexandra Papadaki (1985) graduated from the department of Architecture and Engineering at Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi, Greece (BSc./MSc. 2011) and continued her studies in Design for Sustainable Development at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden (MSc. 2014).


A design studio in Zanzibar's Stone Town back in 2013 led to a master thesis for an architectural insight for the urban metamorphosis of N'gambo in Zanzibar. After her studies she started collaborating with AAmatters and the department of Urban and Rural Planning (DoURP) on Zanzibar. In parallel and in collaboration with Amélie Chauvin, she formed AforA architects and developed a few private projects around the island.


Today she is the director of operations of OPENSCAPE, an associate and member of the management team of AAmatters and collaborating with private architectural offices.